• There's a lot of early excitement building about Stanford Live's world premiere of The Demo. We've captured some highlights in this post.

    Take a peek behind the scenes as The Demo sets up in Bing Concert Hall and read what the press has to say about this unusual project.
  • Pedal Punk is one of three upcoming family-friendly offerings

    Steampunk? You may have heard of it. Wikipedia says the coinage dates back only to 1987. It’s a retro-futurist style, it’s metal nuts and bolts, it’s gears and gizmos visually evoking the world of 19th-century fantasists like Jules Verne. So it’s a current way of being out of date. What a perfect escapist art form for Stanford University, that intersection of new technology, cycling, and engineering.

    By Janice Berman

  • "Live Context" is inspired by the conviction that the more you know art's historical and contemporary resonance the richer your experience.

    By Jesse Hamlin

    Compared with Mozart and Beethoven, "Haydn gets the short end of the stick," says violinist Geoff Nuttall of the celebrated Stanford-based St. Lawrence String Quartet.

  • The holidays are here and special box office hours are near!

    The holidays are here and special box office hours are near!

    The box office will be closed from Saturday December 20 - Monday January 5 as part of Stanford University's winter closure. Regular operating hours resume on Tuesday, January 6.

    Tickets are always available online and essential messages can be sent to bingboxoffice@stanford.edu.

    Happy holidays from Stanford Live and Bing Concert Hall!

  • Named in honor of violinist and Stanford alum John Lad (’74), prize includes invitation to appear on the Stanford Live season at Bing Concert Hall.

    Next season, the young Trio Cleonice will return to Bing to perform on the Stanford Live season as recipients of the SLSQ’s annual John Lad Prize.