The Grand Tour


Elizabeth Blumenstock, violin and leader 


Reserved Seating $25 / 54 / 82
Premium $95
Stanford student $10

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Featuring works by 17th-century musical innovators, the program begins with Muffat's Nobilis Juventus, which includes sections dedicated to the Spanish, the Dutch, the English, and the Italians. Telemann's overture, Les Nations, is even more peripatetic, and includes movements dedicated to the Turks, the Swiss, the Muscovites, and the Portuguese.


  • Muffat: Fasciculus I “Nobilis Juventus” from Florilegium Secundum

  • Schmelzer: Sonata III from Sacro-profanum Concentus Musicus

  • Schein: Suite V from Banchetto Musicale

  • Biber: Sonata Ix from Sonatae tam aris quam aulis servientes

  • Schmelzer: Balletto a 4 Pastorella

  • Joseph Umstatt: Concerto for Violin in A Major

  • Johann Pisendel: Sonata for Orchestra in c minor, JunP III 2b

  • Bach: Ricercar a 6 from The Musical Offering

  • Telemann: Overture-Suite in B-flat major “Les Nations"

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