"The freshest, edgiest, weirdest artist on the Israeli airwaves today."
PRI's The World

Jerusalem-based Victoria Hanna is known for mesmerizing interpretations of traditional Jewish texts (both Hebrew and Aramaic) that combine traditional Middle Eastern sounds with contemporary genres, such as rap and hip-hop. But it was her first official video single, “Aleph-Bet,” that garnered more than 68,000 views in the first week, signaling that her unique, experimental sound is perhaps going more mainstream.

In the Bing Studio, she performs her existing repertoire and new work she is developing at the Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life at UC Berkeley, during her fall residency there based on amulets in their collection.


Victoria Hanna's residency at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life, UC Berkeley, is supported by the Schusterman Visiting Artist Program of the Israel Institute.


When I went to the Israel Jazz and World Music Showcase last November, I was lucky enough to hear a set by Victoria Hanna at the Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem. Her brand of vocal performance art was striking—she builds song structures out of ancient Hebrew letters, lavishing attention on each component of sound whether she is rapping in Aramaic or spinning in her fearless soprano. The audience was charmed by her stories of growing up in an Orthodox household imbued with a love and respect for old texts and the power, even magic, they contain.


—Laura Evans, Director of Music Programs, Engagement, and Education