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In February, Back to Back Theatre brings their new play The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes, an ambitious work that takes on the social impact of automation, ethics, and the changing role of intelligence.

The company has been on a mission to create unique works exploring the intersection of the political and the ethereal. What assumptions do we make about the role of the theater, its actors, and the work they generate? While Back to Back Theatre's works may often be seen as controversial, the role of art in spurring dialog to catalyze communication and change is a creative hallmark that the ensemble proudly advocates.

Back to Back Theatre’s first performance, Big Bag, was held at the Geelong Performing Arts Centrein Geelong, Australia, where the ensemble has been based for over 30 years.
Artistic Director Bruce Gladwin joins Back to Back Theatre. Gladwin's commitment to collaborating with the ensemble's actors in the cultivation of new works has given Back to Back Theatre a unique creative voice.
Back to Back Theatre has won the Melbourne, peer-based Green Room Award fourtimes on two separate productions (small metal objects in 2007 and Ganesh Versus the Third Reich in 2012) for excellence in ensemble performance, directorship, and production.
International controversy sparked over Back to Back Theatre's unconventional take on the Hindu deity Ganesh in the play Ganesh Versus the Third Reich. The impetus behind creating such a contentious work stemmed out of a desire to encourage dialog about cultural appropriation as well as the ethics of Back to Back Theatre's enrollment of actors with intellectual disabilities.
The company published their first book with Wales-based Performance Research Books titled, We’re People Who Do Shows ― Back to Back Theatre Performance, Politics, Visibility, a book about the history and work of Back to Back Theatre since its inception.
It includes essays on some of their most regarded plays including Food Court (left), Ganesh Versus the Third Reich, and small metal objects.
In 2019 the company received the Creative Victoria prize, a $100,000 grant to spearhead a script for the company’s first feature film, co-authored by the company’s ensemble of actors, which will be based on the theatre production of Ganesh Versus the Third Reich.
Back to Back Theatre has been on the small screen as well, producing a 28-minute television pilot titled Oddlands, which screened nationally on ABC, with plans to continue on to a six-part TV series.
The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes
Back to Back Theatre

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