Episodes featuring Frank Waln and Raye Zaragoza


Resilience in this Racing Reality, or R-cubed, is a series of conversations with Indigenous musicians, performers, and artists who are scheduled to perform at Stanford Live during the 2021–22 season. Hosted by Stanford Live curatorial fellow Will Paisley (Navajo and Blackfeet) and brought to you by Stanford Live, R-cubed gives space to artists to discuss their creative practices and the impact of their work on furthering Indigenous performance and promoting contemporary representations of Indigenous people in the 21st century.

This podcast was recorded in 2020. To keep everyone safe, interviews were conducted remotely.

Frank Waln

Frank Waln (Sicangu Lakota) is a rapper, videographer and performance artist. Through his work he aims to repudiate the hopelessness felt in Native communities. He sheds light on how he became a performing artist and honors the people who helped him on his journey. With a contemporary touch, Frank delves into recent experiences highlighting struggles of racism Native people still face today. 


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Raye Zaragoza

Raye Zaragoza (Akimel O'odham) is a multiracial singer songwriter born and raised in New York City (Lenapehoking Territory) currently based in Los Angeles (Tongva Territory). She offers context on her upbringing as a woman of intersectional identities and how that informs her artistry. With exciting projects coming up and incredible work to reflect on, Raye is a vibrant and passionate artist. From finding community in urban settings to affirming those of intersectionality as herself we hope you can find empowerment through Raye’s reflections. 


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Raye Zaragoza on Instagram
Raya Zaragoza on Twitter





Frank Waln and Raye Zaragoza
Thu, February 3 
7:00 PM
Bing Studio

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