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 In 2007, my parents tried to arrange my marriage on a trip to India. It didn’t go so well. We decided to make a play about it, and since 2012, we’ve been touring the world inviting people into our home to share our story.

A Brimful of Asha is a true story. My mother Asha Jain, who is not an actor, cowrote and performs the show with me. It’s as much her story as it is mine. Not only is she NOT an actor, my mother is someone who doesn’t go to the theater; she doesn’t like to speak in crowds, but she does love to entertain people at her house in the suburbs of Toronto.

The journey of the show has been incredible for me, because I’ve heard my mother make an audience laugh hysterically, seen them fall in love with her, and I’ve seen her appreciate what I do, which is make theater. My favorite thing about the show is that an audience gets to hear her side of the story, from her life immigrating to Canada to getting married only hours after meeting my father. Immigrants see their story through our eyes, struggles, and joys, while the rest of the audience has a chance to really meet and understand a perspective that they don’t often have access to. It’s a story we can all relate to.


Upcoming Event: Oct 18-22
Bing Concert Hall Studio
A Brimful of Asha

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