Featuring Spanky Rigor and Roger Rigor of VST and Co. and the Union

Call Box Office: 650.724.2464
Bing Concert Hall
Configuration: End Stage

Break out your bellbottoms and take a trip back in time to the Filipino disco songs of the Manila Sound, a musical genre that emerged in 1970s Filipino nightclubs and has seen a resurgence in recent years. Inspired by American disco, funk, and pop, Manila Sound mixed Filipino musicality, catchy melodies, and a laid-back style to create what some call the Golden Age of Pinoy music. The dance floor will be open, so get ready to boogie all night long!

Featured musicians
VST & Co's Spanky Rigor and Roger Rigor
Jet Montelibano (Music & Magic)
Jessica Casas (Something Special)
Nino de Jesus (New Minstrels)
Jo-Ann Visitacion
Fulton Montoya