The Music of Duke Ellington feat. Rob Kapilow  | The Marcus Shelby Orchestra and Rob Kapilow

Call Box Office: 650.724.2464
Bing Concert Hall
Configuration: End Stage

Joined by Marcus Shelby’s 10-piece jazz orchestra, Rob Kapilow continues his explorations of American identity in music, this time focusing on Duke Ellington. Shelby, a pre-eminent figure on the Bay Area jazz scene, is a bassist, arranger, composer, educator, and activist focused on sharing the past, present, and future of African American music. 


This event is part of What Makes it Great?, a three performance series that includes Kapilow's take on the Theater Songs of Leonard Bernstein and The American Quartet. Each performance includes discussion and demonstration, followed by a complete performance and a question and answer session with the performers after the concert.  


Generously supported by Bonnie and Marty Tenenbaum and the Koret Foundation


As a part of our exploration of the ways national identity finds expression through music, who better to invite than Rob Kapilow to share his irresistible insights? His seasonlong retrospective of iconic composers who tried to define the essence of American sound from its cultural fusions— Antonín Dvořák, Leonard Bernstein, and Duke Ellington— follows the footsteps of Bernstein himself.


—Ryan Davis, Associate Director of Engagement and Public Programs