Paulo Pederneiras, artistic director, lighting designer | Rodrigo Pederneiras, choreographer

Call Box Office: 650.724.2464

Friday: $30 / 45 / 52 / Premium $75
Saturday: $15 / 22 / 26 / Premium $38
Stanford Students $10

Please note that the event on Saturday is an abridged Family Performance.

The Brazilian dance company combines Afro-Brazilian dance and ballet with a contemporary, highly theatrical sensibility.

Translated as “Body Group,” the highly acclaimed Brazilian ballet company Grupo Corpo is at once vigorous and urban, primordial, and metaphysical. Their work combines the sensuality of Afro-Brazilian dance forms and the technical prowess of ballet with a contemporary, highly theatrical sensibility. Grupo Corpo personifies the Brazilian ethos by bridging the natural and the cultural, the urban and the suburban and the ancient with the modern. In Sem Mim, or “without me,” dancers embark on a journey of evolution from sea to earth, their movements flowing and organic. Ima is poetry of polarities, molded by the magic that lurks in the convergent of the divergent.

Grupo Corpo website


  • Friday, January 31

    Sem Mim by Rodrigo Pederneiras; music by Carlos Núñez & José Miguel Wisnik

    Ima by Rodrigo Pederneiras; Music by +2 (Moreno, Domenico & Kassin)

  • Saturday, February 1: Family Performance

    Abbreviated family matinee program

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