Penny Arcade

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Bing Concert Hall Studio

Penny Arcade’s hilariously iconoclastic monologue, created by one of Andy Warhol’s underground superstars, addresses perennially political issues of class and gender and everyday woes like gentrification. To Arcade (née Susana Ventura), the Big Apple has become the Big Cupcake: a New York City of fluff, with no affordable places for artists and no place to buy a broom or get your shoes repaired or your clothes washed. Sound close to home?

Recommended for mature audiences


POST-SHOW TALK: Join us immediately following the November 3 performance for a conversation with Penny Arcade and author Sarah Schulman.


Nostalgia can be a seductive feeling, even for those who don’t yearn for an old-fashioned America. But, at a moment when we’re “conditioned to hate history and love vintage,” Penny Arcade is a colorful counter-culture stalwart who shakes up our gentrified sentimentality to resuscitate a clear-eyed spirit of American activism and creativity.


—Ryan Davis, Associate Director of Engagement and Public Programs