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Frost Amphitheater

Embracing Stanford University’s rich intellectual, artistic, and inquisitive culture, Live Context: Art + Ideas brings together artists, innovators, and thinkers with leading minds at Stanford and beyond. Engage in stimulating conversations and events that create both a backdrop and launching pad to the Stanford Live experience.


The Big Ideas behind Live Context 2016-17

Islamic Voices celebrates the diversity of contemporary Muslim music and its power to foster intercultural understanding.


With Icons of Sound, we explore how music, ritual, architecture, and digital technologies converge in modern performance and immersive sensory experiences to excite our imaginations for bygone medieval cultures.


The American West has inspired artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and conservationists to explore, exploit, embroider and preserve its romance and realities. Through distinguished observers and chroniclers of the region, Imagining the West examines its pioneering spirit, sublime landscapes, and unique social and ecological challenges.