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Frost Amphitheater

Violin soloist Lara St. John with conductor Paul Phillips and members of the Stanford Philharmonia (Image credit: Cathy Xang, '21)


This Friday at 7:30 p.m. in Memorial Auditorium, Stanford Philharmonia will play the score of The Red Violin (1998). This Stanford Live presentation will be the first time the film has been shown with live music in the U.S., and only the second time ever.

"The plot of the film is so intrinsically musical that having the music performed live should greatly enhance the experience," said Paul Phillips, conductor of the Philharmonia and Stanford Symphony Orchestra. "For those of us who will be performing, synchronizing live music with a film that's over two hours long is a challenge, but if all goes well, the coordination of the music and film should sound as seamless as it does on the original soundtrack." Students in the orchestra will be joined by Stanford alumni musicians and Lara St. John playing the violin solos.

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