The mind of the eye: Kritios Boy (left), late archaic Greek marble nude (after 480 BC). The first-ever contrapposto and the first without the archaic smile. It is sometimes referred to as the “first beautiful nude in human history.” In Transverse Orientation (right), the boy with a bucket of water looks at the possibility of elevation. Left photo by Adonis Kosmadakis (Acropolis Museum, Athens). Right photo by Julian Mommert, performer Šuka Horn

Taking inspiration from the natural behavior of moths to seek light and major themes from Greek mythology and visual art, Dimitris Papaioannou's Transverse Orientation follows the human compulsion to find meaning on the journey. Ahead of the North American premiere on December 9 and 10 at Stanford Live, take a peek at the art and cultural inspirations behind the striking stage visuals.