“The revival of the beloved Frost Amphitheater will create an exceptional performance and gathering place…it will become a space where earlier generations and new audiences can experience the magic of its storied history.”

—Harry Elam
Vice President for the Arts
Freeman-Thornton Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education


A storied stage gets even better

For decades, Frost Amphitheater hosted concerts by the likes of The Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and many more. In Spring 2019 we will reopen this historic and beloved venue with a new state-of-the-art stage, improved patron amenities, accessible entrances, and more. Stanford Live’s new summer season at Frost will feature a range of performances from iconic rock and pop bands to symphonic and jazz shows.

In 2017, construction began on a renovation that will maintain the quality, the essence and the sense of place that characterize Frost, a tree-lined bowl next to Bing Concert Hall in Stanford's arts district. The improvements will support two distinct functions: a public face with adequate amenities to enhance the audience experience, and a service side to enable ease of operations and the performer experience. The revived Frost, which will still maintain the magic of the original amphitheater, is expected to open in spring of 2019.


Renovations To Frost Will Include:

  • A stunning, state-of-the-art stage for an incredible range of performances, as well as university ceremonies and gatherings
  • Improved, accessible entrances
  • Modern amenities for audience members
  • “Back-of-house” features for performers, including a spacious green room, dressing rooms, and more

These improvements will allow Frost to live up to its iconic past—and fulfill the potential of its bright future. Frost will welcome well-known names in music, dance, and theater and also host large university assemblies. Meaningful memories will be made again in this beautiful tree-lined venue in the heart of Stanford’s campus.


Lasuen Street at Roth Way
Stanford, CA 94305

Where to Park

  • Lasuen Street, Roth Way, and Galvez Lot

    Parking is free on weekends as well as weekdays after 4:00 PM.