Stanford Live and Bing Concert Hall Staff

Deborah Cullinan
Acting Director of Stanford Live

Diana Burnell Assistant Ticket Office Manager

Kelsey Carman Marketing Manager

Robert DeArmond Associate Director of Web and Digital Services

Laura Evans Director of Music Programs, Engagement and Education

Ben Frandzel Institutional Gifts and Community Engagement Officer

Bryce Freeman Director of Operations

Aisah Gemora Associate Director of Operations

Elisa Gomez-Hird HR & Operations Associate

Carly Gliva Development Program Manager

Kristine Graham Ticketing Services Lead

Danielle Kisner Production Coordinator

Patty Kong Finance Manager

Maurice Nounou Associate Director of Ticketing and System Operations

Nick Oldham A/V Manager

Kimberly Pross Director of Operations and Production

Jeremy Ramsaur Lighting Manager

Toni Rivera Operations Coordinator

Heather Romanowski Stage Technician

Hugo Seda Artistic Administrator

Laurel Skehen Associate Director of Development

Michelle Symons Facilities Specialist

Amanda Wah Director of Marketing and Communications

Sarah Warner Director of Development