Please note that Frost Amphitheater ticketing policies are still being updated. Please check back for more details. For ticketing policies to Stanford Live mainstage performances, visit Stanford Live tickets & policies.

How to buy tickets:
Stanford Under the Stars: Movie Nights at Frost tickets and July concert series tickets are available at

Some other Frost Amphitheater performances are ticketed through partner organizations and are not available through Stanford Live’s ticketing system. Therefore ticketing policies for Frost Amphitheater performances may differ from Stanford Live policies. Refunds and exchanges may not be available for events ticketed through partner organizations, and ticket fees will vary. Please visit the event information page for the performance you are interested in to learn how to buy tickets.

For Frost Amphitheater performances presented by partner organizations such as Goldenvoice or SF Symphony, Stanford Live discounts will not be available. 

Presales and Member Benefits:
Stanford Live members at select levels will receive presale access to most Frost performances, pending availability. Prior to each presale, Stanford Live will email presale access codes and/or unique access links to all eligible member households. Stanford Live Bing members may use the Bing member Ticket Concierge service to purchase tickets for all Frost events. To become a Stanford Live member or to learn more about membership levels and additional benefits, visit our Membership page.

Box Office Services:
Tickets to most Frost performances will be sold online only. On performance days, will call and ticket sales (if available) will be located at the Bing Concert Hall Ticket Office at 327 Lasuen Street, adjacent to Frost Amphitheater. Please visit the event information page for the performance you are interested in to learn more about how to buy tickets.

Seating Configurations:
Frost Amphitheater performances will either be General Admission Standing in all sections or will have reserved seating available in the Meadow and Lower Bowl with General Admission Standing in the Lawn section.